Terms and Conditions

Confidential Agreement for Background Check

First party, (hereinafter referred as to the applicant) of legal age and resident of USA.

Second party, (hereinafter referred as the provider) Private Eyes Puerto Rico.

Parties Agree and understand:

The applicant hires the professional research services of Private Eyes of PR. The research service requested by the applicant consists of a Background Check, of a Person or legal entity. The intention of the background check would either be for personal knowledge, or to be presented to an employer.

First Part: The cost of service is calculated by the applicant’s desired selection of research. This amount must be paid in full, and is not reimbursable.

Second Part: The results of the search will be provided to the applicant, and the employer. The official results report will be in accordance with the applicant selection of the following:

___Certified Certificate

___Criminal Record Check

___Identity Verification

___Sex offender Registry Check

___Driver's History

___Civil Records Check

___Previous Employment Check

Third Part: Private Eyes and its agents will not be responsible for the omission of any information by the client, from the beginning of the research to its completion.

Fourth Part: The applicant must pay in full for the services in advance. If there's an unpaid balance, it should be paid within 7 business days, or the highest interest rate that Puerto Rico's law permits will be applied.

Fifth Part: If the applicant decides to end or cancel the search after signing this agreement, there will not be any refund.

Sixth Part: The provider and the applicant may not share any information to a third party without both parties authorization.

Seventh Part: The applicant authorizes any particular person, corporation, educational institution, or any agency (private, public or federal), to provide information to Private Eyes of Puerto Rico's Detectives. The information will consists of conduct, reputation, credit, work history, and the like. This is required to determine the background results.

Both Parties: The applicant and the provider agree to keep results or any information related to the search confidential. The client is liable for the misuse or any alterations of the results.

The applicant understands and selects to agree to the terms and conditions of this contract by clicking in the space provided.