Other Services

Financial / Credit Profile


The credit report will reveal information about the applicant's debts, loans, and payment history. It also reveals public record information, including; judgments, liens, and bankruptcy. This search is necessary in evaluating the applicant's financial responsibility, and any potential motivation for the misuse of funds.

Insurance Fraud


We arrange fixed and mobile surveillance, with audio and video, to verify workers' compensation, personal injuries or staged auto-personal accidents. Our trained professional investigators have surveillance techniques to expose any fraud, and document it with structured evidence reports.



Use GPS (global positioning system,) to get an instant location of a vehicle. It provides real-time location information via text, email to any computer or smartphone. Get the locations of a single car, or an entire fleet of vehicles. Find out in seconds where a car or truck is at the moment, where it has been, and where it´s heading. Worried that your teen is driving too fast? Get an instant message when her car exceeds a speed limit.



Telephone number identification. We provide the full information about any numbers.